The purpose of this website is to provide aid and Support To Victims Of Torture and Abuse In The Australian Defence Force

Educate the Australian Electorate and people on:-

  • The True nature of Torture and Abuse in the Australian Defence Force.
  • How the abuse is being extended to innocent civilians.
  • How the abuse is weakening our Defence Force.
  • The true cost of the Torture and abuse to Australia.
  • Recommend solutions to prevent this torture and abuse.
  • Encourage debate amongst Australian Electors and seek change.
  • Allow victims to share their stories.
  • Recognise those supporting the Victims.
  • Address the flaws in the Defence Abuse Response Task Force and the Reparation Scheme.

The Torture and Abuse in the Australian Defence Force has:-

  • Created Damaged and Shattered Lives.
  • Mass Murderers like Julian Knight and the Hoddle Street Massacre.
  • Been extending itself to the civilian community.

It must stop, hence this website.

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